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Steps to Prepare for Clinic Visit at Boston Children's Hospital

Please call your insurance to make sure the virtual or in person visit is covered and find out how much you will be liable to pay. You can provide Dr. Srivastava’s NPI number shown on his Boston Children’s Hospital profile linked below:



In addition, you will need to provide the insurance company the CPT code. Please ask the BCH team what CPT code will be used for your child’s visit. If telehealth, please also make sure that your child has telehealth benefits that would cover this visit with an out of state provider such as Dr. Sid.

Please send (via email zoe.frazier@childrens.harvard.edu or fax to 617-730-0288) the following records prior to the appointment: genetics report confirming KS, most recent neurology note, most recent genetics clinic note (if patient sees a geneticist), and any recent cognitive/ psychological testing. The most important piece of information is the genetics report. You can also feel free to send anything else you think is relevant.

Medical Billing Information

Medical Necessity Form

Your primary care physician or local neurologist may need to complete a letter of medical necessity for your child to be seen by providers at BCH.

Please contact the BCH Kleefstra Clinic for more details if this step is needed.

The Hale Family Center for Families

An excellent resource for all families traveling to Boston Children’s. The Hale Family Center for Families is dedicated to supporting patient families throughout their experience at the hospital. Available to answer questions, provide resources and guide families during their time.


Please see Boston’s Children’s Hospital website for information regarding accommodations and discounts.
https://www.childrenshospital.org/patient-resources/parking-directions-and-accommodations/ accommodations
For more information on the Patient Family Housing Program or special accommodations,
please call 617-919-3456 or email familyhousing@childrens.harvard.edu

For more information on local hotels, inns, and short-term rentals,
please call 617-355-4626 or email conciergeservices@childrens.harvard.edu

Parking and Area Transportation

This train/subway stop is directly behind Dr. Sid’s Brookline office. It is faster and easier than driving around Boston. Tickets are $2.40 one way https://www.mbta.com/stops/place-bvmnl

Attractions in Boston


"Meeting Dr. Sid was one of the best things we have done...all the people involved at Boston Children’s went out of their way to make it a great experience for all of our family."
KS mom Amy Allen describing her visit to the Kleefstra Clinic with her daughter, Molly.
“My heart is full from everything and everyone today. Megan was made to feel comfortable by all. Very very positive experience.”
KS mom Helen Tyler describing her visit to the Kleefstra Clinic with her daughter, Megan.

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